Dear friends and members of St Agnes,

As a result of the COVID-19 emergency we have been directed by Archbishop Melissa to cancel church services up to and including May 3. We have also been directed to cancel all our rentals with the exception of the daycare which continues in operation as long as the Health Authority allows it to be open.

These developments have serious financial implications for our church. We rely on regular Sunday offerings as well as rental income to pay our bills. We also rely on investment income and, if you have been following the news about the stock market, you know these kinds of investments have lost a lot of value recently, at least for the short term.

We are urging everyone to do what you can to support our church during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. Here are some suggestions:

  • If you are not currently using Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD), please sign up. It allows you to make a monthly donation from your chequing account with a minimum of fee and fuss.
  • If you are giving monthly, please consider combining two or three months in April to pay ahead of time. This does not mean an increase in your pledge, just that you would pay a larger portion earlier.
  • If you have the financial capacity, we invite you to make an extra one-time gift to help us "weather the storm" and maintain our ministry.
  • If you are able to act on any of these suggestions, please fill in the attached form and mail it to the church office this week.
  • You can also donate using Canada Helps by clicking on the Donate Now link at the top right of this web site.

Thank you and please keep our St Agnes family in your prayers.

The Wardens: Jean Kyle and Eric Bosman