Shannon Muir circulates a regular update to those involved in our Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team (REST). Here is her latest update...


Said and Honada's second set of relatives have arrived. Lama and her four children, two girls and two boys. They are settling in to South Vancouver and are supported by St. Phillip's Anglican Church in Dunbar. It has been wonderful for all of the kids to see their cousins here and now they are working on how to hang out appropriately in Canadian homes- Quietly! Inside Voices!

Asmaa and Ahmad (Ahmad is Said's younger brother) and their children are settling in beautifully, with a huge effort from Gulnar. The children are very happily at their schools, Ahmad has found a job in construction, working with Said, and Asmaa is studying English as well as doing alterations from their home.

Malis (Mambo's brother) and his children are settling well in Surrey. Malis is working hard at a recycling facility. Unfortunately, he has a problem with his eye at the moment, but he is continuing to work even so. The children are all doing well and improving their English every day.

Neema (Mambo's adopted daughter), who is not yet in Canada,  has been called for her interview and medical check, so her application is moving through the system as expected.

Saber: We have just received a pre-arrival notice, which tells us that he is expected to arrive in 4-10 weeks. Joanne has found an apartment for him and his parents (sponsored through the Lutheran church) and is working on final touches to furnish it. I may be sending out a request for some final items if she needs them. Anyone who would like to be involved in his settlement, please send a message to me or to Joanne Graham. She would love to have some helpers. There will be many jobs, so any small amount of help will be gratefully received.

Bukhari has just celebrated his 2 year anniversary of coming to Canada! There was a small gathering at which he gave a speech. Everyone was so impressed with the progress he has made in his English and his independence. They can now understand what a great sense of humour he has! Way to go Bukhari!

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. Please continue to encourage donations to REST so that we can fulfill our commitments to Malis' family, a small amount of support we provide to Bukhari until he is ready for work, and to support Neema, Saber, and Mousa in the future.

Shannon Muir, REST Coordinator