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Peggy McMillan died the afternoon of May 3 at age 99. Her daughter Lynne was by her side.

Peggy was a long-time member of St Agnes. She loved to sing in the choir and was an active participant in the life of the church. In 2016, she was inducted as a Member of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster (ODNW). The citation for her induction is below.

Ms Marguerite Irene (Peggy) McMillan, St Agnes, North Vancouver

Peggy is a dedicated member of St Agnes, North Vancouver. For over 60 years Peggy has graced the community as a member of the choir, envelope secretary, prayer team member, and Curillista. She has made innumerable hand-crafted items to sell at the Christmas Fair, and her seasonal packages of homemade baking have been appreciated by many local shut-ins for years. Peggy has volunteered at a nursery for impoverished children in Jamaica, and helped build a church in Guatemala.  

The family has not yet announced details of a service. 

Photo: Archbishop Melissa Skelton with Peggy at her induction. Credit: Diocese of New Westminster.