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St Agnes Safety Plan
July-August 2020

St Agnes remains in Phase 1:
• The Church is closed to the public.
• A Sunday live Zoom service of the word is offered. The recording is posted on the website.
• A Wednesday Bible study on Zoom is offered.

Building access is restricted to the following people:
• Rector – use of private office during work hours
• Administrator in separate office – Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-2pm
• Wardens and Treasurer on official business
• Evening and weekend Vergers – evening inspection and lockup
• Caretaker – weekly to clean and sanitize building
• Tradespeople for periodic inspections and maintenance.

Social distancing is kept at all times.

Anyone entering the building must immediately wash their hands – government issued handwashing signs are posted in the washroom. Hand sanitizer is readily available at the front entrance.

The washroom is sanitized after every use by the person who uses it. A notice to this effect is posted. The washroom ventilation fan will be left on as required. The last person to leave the building each day (usually the rector) will also sanitize the washroom.

The kitchen adjacent to the parish hall is closed for repairs. The two washrooms in the parish hall are not in use.

The use of masks is not required as social distancing is practiced at all times.

Daycare on ground floor
A licensed Daycare uses leased space which is separate from the church and hall with a separate entrance. The Daycare operates in accord with local health and licensing authorities.

Parish hall
With permission of the Archbishop’s office, Ann Jackson’s Puppy Training classes are held in the parish hall. This is separate from the church and offices with a separate entrance. This is the only activity allowed in the hall.
The classes have access to the hall on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until August 5, 2020. The following safety plan is in place for the Puppy Training classes:
- Only one person (handler) per dog in the class - no
family or friends
- Bring your own 5-6 foot leash (no retractables) and
bring your own bag for treats.
- Social distancing is crucial for us to be able to provide
classes ——- before , during and after your class.
- Class will start and finish on time — please no late
- No access to washrooms will be available.
- No facility equipment will be available to us - ie No Chairs
to sit on.
- Unfortunately we will not be able to use any of your dogs
for lesson demonstration / exercises.
- Handcleaner will be available before and after the classes
Re - St Agnes Church
- There will be a maximum of 15 people at one time in the
- The staff will clean the areas which they have used.
- Normal cleaning of floors after classes remains


Jean Kyle, People’s Warden

The Ven. Stephen Muir, Rector

Date: July 22, 2020